First iOS app

Today I started developing my first iOS app. Whilst it's nothing original, a To-Do list app still uses many iOS features to work well.

I've been concentrating on following a free Stanford University course titled "Developing iOS 10 Apps with Swift" as well as a paid-for udemy course "The Complete iOS 10 & Swift 3 Developer Course", which seems to be frequently discounted down to £10.

Programming with Swift is a departure from using VBA for MS Office, which is where a good portion of my practical development has taken place. Getting to this point has taken some effort, not least because I'm not a fan of pre-built computers. Instead of spending a money on a Mac, I put together an inexpensive hackintosh in order to run Xcode.

This afternoon has seen me going through some trial-and-error linking a new Xcode project to a private Github repo. I couldn't find a good guide on this. The guide I did find didn't work. Whilst source control and a link to Github isn't an essential for developing iOS apps, the point of me doing this is to develop a professional workflow.