Stefan Holmes – CV

This page is to serve as an online CV and also as a testing ground as I develop my web skills

This was first uploaded 22nd Feb 2016


While I thought about what I want to write in my summary, I found myself asking, ‘What achievements do you want to be writing about in the next few years?’

I‘ve always loved emerging tech & science. (Ask me nicely & I‘ll show you my collection of carefully preserved retro game systems).

For instance I‘m proud of my ‘just because I can’ projects, like my Flappy Bird remake, which was made pixel by pixel from scratch using AMOS Professional on the Commodore Amiga. Spanning to my most recent adventures in Mobile, Web, iOS App Development and Apple Mac clone building.

Up to now my career direction has seen various service roles, and I‘ve enjoyed every minute of it. Working with great teams of people in IT & Telecoms businesses, some have become lifelong friends. One of whom is now my housemate!

And before that, I had one of the best opportunities I could hope for. Learning from the challenges of managing my own retail business. Anyone who has experienced retail management understands the highs & lows I enjoyed at The Bicycle Hub in the Park.

Recent events have given me a new sense of direction. So, now I am on a fresh path. I want to experience new environments, by building on all that I have learned so far. I plan to use my newfound focus to bring my love for tech & long developed hobby style projects into my professional career.

So, what I want to be writing about in a year‘s time is how I managed to develop my iOS and web services skills to a point where I have been able to publish an app, or how I managed to secure a fantastic job with a great employer, or that I managed to land a successful paid gig putting together a web site for a client.